Kristi Winkler, DVM


Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Winkler grew up in Northern California’s wine country. Her life-long passion of veterinary medicine began at the family farm and continued throughout her formative years in 4-H and at UC Davis, and during her master’s program in clinical microbiology. Dr. Winkler graduated from Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine in June of 2012. She decided to move to the beautiful Portland area after completing several externships in and around the Portland area during her last year in veterinary school, and she joined the Gladstone Vet team in 2012.

Dr. Winkler has a special interest in public health, ophthalmology, zoonotic diseases, and reptile and small animal exotic medicine. She is watched over by her crested gecko Salazar and her rose-haired tarantula Arachne at work. Dr. Winkler shares her home with her three cats (Dacts, Helix, and Yoda), and her black lab mix Fenrir, a Fences for Fido rescue named for a dog-like creature in Norse mythology. In her spare time, she loves to bake, kayak, road bike, garden, and antique.

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