Pet Behavior Counseling - Milwaukie, OR

Pido is quite the trouble-maker at Dr. ten Broeke’s house. He quickly slips into closets, cabinets, and even tries to get into the clothes dryer. At the end of a long day spent knocking over plants, he loves sleeping under the covers.

Whether your pet’s personality changes or behavioral problems are caused by underlying health issues, or are truly behavioral issues, we believe that getting to the bottom of these problems is very important to the relationship between you and your pet. Diagnostic testing may be recommended to determine if there is a medical reason for the issue, and determine the next steps for care.

We address common behavior issues in our kitten and puppy exams and offer advice to try to prevent many frustrating behavior problems during your pet’s developmental stages. In adult dogs and cats, we can also help you solve many behavior issues. By preventing and treating behavior problems, we have the opportunity to improve quality of life for both pets and pet lovers. We also work with several trainers in the area, as well as with Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Christopher Pachel at The Animal Behavior Clinic to provide the best care for your pet.