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Our Client Care Specialists

Jessica, Lead Client Care Specialist jessica_new_web& Veterinary Diet Inventory Manager

Jessica grew up on a farm in Camas with her horse, 3 dogs, 2 cats, ducks, and chickens. Prior to going to Apollo College to become a veterinary assistant, she worked as both a nanny and a preschool teacher. Both of these positions helped Jessica develop her gentle touch, which both our clients and our patients need. Jessica also has great problem-solving skills, is detail-oriented, and she’s fantastic at trouble-shooting. Jessica shares her home with her son Brayden, dog Kody Bear, and two cats Grace and Louie. When she’s not working, she loves photography and cooking.





Nichole&Becks 4x5Web 11-5-15Nichole, Client Care Specialist

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Tess, Client Care SpecialistTess&Ari 8x10 May2016





Our Technical Staff

 Amy, Certified Veterinary Technicianamy_new_web

With over 10 years of experience working in the veterinary field, Amy’s passion for animals led her to become a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2010. She is currently very happy to be part of the wonderful team at Gladstone Vet Clinic. Amy shares her home with two feisty felines (Ronin and Ando), and a golden gecko (Fizzigg). Her family also includes her husband Ryan, daughter Aubrey, and son Jace. In her free time, Amy enjoys gardening, backpacking, and herping (searching for reptiles and amphibians outdoors).





 Sarah&Becks 8x10Sarah, Certified Veterinary Technician

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 Katie, Veterinary AssistantKatie S with Esy and OMalley_web

Katie graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 (Go Beavs!) with a degree in Zoology. She began working with animals in 2008 doing education and husbandry. She began working first with reptiles, and eventually worked with large exotic cats. In 2011 Katie felt the call of the veterinary field. She completed the veterinary assistant program at Linn-Benton Community College, and began working in the veterinary field. Katie loves working with animals of all shapes and sizes, but the ones with scales or feathers seem to hold a special place in her heart.

When Katie is not working, she enjoys discovering all the outdoor adventures Oregon has to offer. Katie loves snowboarding, rafting, rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, just to name a few. She also enjoys exploring the local music scene, going to Blazer games and visiting local microbreweries. During what little down time she has, she spends time with her cat Esy, her sulcata tortoise Ziggy and her 3 snakes Pluto, O’Malley and Juicy Fruit.




Our Four-Legged Team Members

Bosco, Chief Feline Officerbosco_web

Bosco came to Gladstone Vet Clinic with a urinary blockage, and was surrendered to us for care. He won our hearts with his outgoing and vocal personality, and we realized he was here to stay. He has taken on the role of CFO (chief feline officer). He spends his days supervising activities in the treatment and management areas, and is always on the lookout for snacks. On occasion, he is asked to lend a paw in demonstrating how to administer oral medications or subcutaneous fluids, a favor for which he is richly rewarded.





JuneBug, Director of Funjunie_web_new

JuneBug is a basset hound-shar pei mix (picture a long body, short legs, and a bunch of extra skin). As Dr. ten Broeke’s personal assistant, she comes to work every day and cannot wait to greet all of her co-workers each morning. When days become stressful or sad, she is always ready to give a consoling hug, or participate in a game of “stretchy-face” or fetch. “Throw the ball! It will make you feel better!” She is also “certified” in acu-pressure, and is convinced that having her 65-lb body sitting on you will bring you joy and peace.

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